Roberts Awning and Sign

Residential Awnings

8fc33ad96ede54de439c79aa81af753cWhy Choose Roberts Awning? 1. Increased curb appeal and property value 2. Lower home cooling costs by as much as 20 to 30 percent 3. Protect your outdoor furniture, doors, and windows from wear and tear from both weather and the sun 4. Reduce annoying glare within your home 5. Provide outdoor shading for you and your guests With proper care and maintenance on your awning, you can expect the condition of your home awnings to last an average of 10 years. Now that’s a long-lasting investment in your home’s future! Take a look at some more samples of our residential awnings. Our residential awnings are an extension of your home and we treat them as such, taking the care needed to match our work to your home. The materials and methods we use to install residential awnings give a subtle ambiance that gracefully blends with your homes colors and architecture, or gives that splash of color and individuality that reflects your personality. We offer literally hundreds of colors and patterns along with dozens of styles to enhance your home. Whether it is door and/or window awnings or creating an outdoor living space, our experienced awning technicians would love the chance to speak with you about what you’re hoping to do for your home. We’ll work with you to meet your requirements.


Commercial Awnings

8daff8f0ba498e8791c6d326055fa1e6Why should you invest in an awning? There are several benefits to having your building fitted with awnings: 1. Draw attention to your building and the entrance with bright colors and interest 2. Labeling of your business to stand out 3. Brand recognition and style, with your business’ colors and/or logo 4. Provide shelter for visitors to your establishment from weather and the sun 5. Lower cooling costs by as much as 20 to 30 percent The benefits are clear – but how do you know what awning is right for you? There are many choices to consider, and that is where we come in to help you make the best decision. We will work with you every step of the way to determine your needs and what will work best for your business and your budget. Some of the items to consider when installing an awning: 1. Orientation of the awning for maximum visibility 2. Mounting style 3. Retractability 4. Shape and size of the awning With a century of experience, we will help you to get exactly the right awning for your business. Check out some more samples of our commercial awnings. We manufacture and install a variety of awnings for commercial properties including shopping malls, restaurants, store fronts, office buildings, and much more. • We manufacture and install door and window awnings for residential customers, as well as, create outdoor living spaces with a variety of products. • We provide a large line of aluminum products for both residential and commercial customers to include: door/window awnings, deck/patio covers, walkway covers, dock covers, carports, smoking shelters, and more. • We offer retractable awnings that can be used on decks, patios, windows, or even freestanding styles. • We have roll-up curtains in many styles and configurations to accomadate many applications. • We now offer RV awnings in our line of quality products. • All of our awnings can have graphics and/or lettering applied, in house, to include design services. • We are also a full service sign shop and can help you with items such as banners and vehicle lettering. Roberts Awning and Sign manufactures awnings for a variety of commercial properties including shopping malls, restaurants, store front properties, office buildings, and much more. Commercial awnings are built to be long-lasting and resistant to the elements, using wear-resistant materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, electrostatic powders and epoxy’s instead of water-based paint for maximum wear resistance. We have so much confidence in our work that we offer a 3 year warranty on all of our installations, along with 5-10 year manufacturer warranties on our fabrics. That’s why we’ve done work for businesses such as Faison, Dupont, and Kings Dominion.


Church Canopies & Awnings

Church Entrances Canopies and Awnings can be designed to cover just the front area, include the walkway or even the driveway of your church. Like awnings in other settings, these structures can offer your congregation protection from inclement weather and give an elegant and welcoming appearance to your church building.



Drop/Roll Up Curtains

44fb1fb1e766ba6ec30ba273b48a99c1Roll up curtains are another option that Roberts Awning and Sign provides to our clients to provide solutions in the home or business. Roll up curtains can be used to close in a deck or patio awning, a screen porch, or a window. Roll up curtains can be a stylish addition that can provide many benefits, including: 1. Total privacy, with the full window being covered as needed 2. Reduce light and glare from the sun 3. Easy to raise or lower using either cords or automatic motors 4. Fully customizable.


Aluminum Awnings

6ca71fbe3cef17d5481e545f74594002Why Choose Roberts Awning? 1. Quick turnaround of building and installation 2. Protect your porch, patio, doors, and windows from weather, especially heavy snow loads 3. Shade and cool your home or visitors 4. Reduce cooling costs for your home by as much as 20-30 percent In addition to aluminum awnings, we provide custom-designed and custom-built carports, as well as deck and patio covers, to protect from snow, hail, falling branches, or just to keep them cool in harsh sunlight. We custom design and build these products to match your needs, from the dimensions and shape of the carport down to its color and styling. Want to see more of the aluminum awnings and carports we’ve built and installed? Roberts Awning and Sign provides aluminum awnings, carports, and deck/patio covers for both homes, schools, churches and businesses. Aluminum awnings provide your home, school, church or business with a sturdy yet fashionable way to shield your house from inclement weather. As with all of our products, we build your aluminum awning in-house ourselves, custom-designed by our technicians based on your needs and our conversations with you involving design options, colors, shapes, and purpose. Commercial Applications- provide cover and shelter for walkways, loading docks, break areas, and we also manufacture smoking shelters. Residential Applications- door and window awnings, deck and patio covers, carports. Aluminum awnings and canopies provide a durable and long lasting solution that requires little maintenance and never has to be recovered!


Retractable Awnings

23c6e9af9f9bd5d948cd66e8db820a68Why Choose Roberts Awning? 1. Creating outdoor spaces 2. Options for both manual and automatic, motor-driven retraction and projection 3. Even while retracted, decorative fringe can still add color and style to your home or business 4. No poles or vertical supports obstructing your view or movement 5. Different amounts of projection to cover as much space as you need Let us help add to your quality and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces with one of our retractable awnings! Roberts Awning and Sign offers retractable awnings for homes and businesses and our quality retractable awnings are installed by our own employees. In addition to the benefits provided by standard awnings, such as lowered cooling costs and protecting a building and furniture from sun and weather wear, retractable awnings allow you to have sun when you want it and shade when you don’t. Other benefits can include: 1. Creating outdoor spaces 2. Options for both manual and automatic, motor-driven retraction and projection 3. Even while retracted, decorative fringe can still add color and style to your home or business 4. No poles or vertical supports obstructing your view or movement 5. Different amounts of projection to cover as much space as you need Let us help add to your quality and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces with one of our retractable awnings! Contact us to discuss what we can do to help you, or visit our retractable gallery to see samples of some of the retractable awnings we’ve installed.


Bahama Shutters

00000bahamaOne of Roberts Awning and Signs newest product offerings is Bahama Shutters. Our custom in-house manufactured shutters are all aluminum construction and come in over a dozen standard colors, as well as, custom colors. Whether you are going for function or that classic bahama style, our custom shutters are sure to please. Whether you are going for function or that classic bahama style, our custom shutters are sure to please.

Awning Graphics

43f8ac9ef9eff8bb8a6ae9ae15f2ada3Roberts Awning and Sign uses different methods to provide you with the best result for your custom awning, based on your specific needs and the conversations we’ve had to determine your best-fit solution. The process of applying lettering and/or graphics to your awning is usually determined by the type of material being used for the awning, though some materials will accept multiple processes. Below are some of the methods we use: Sunbrella® Graphics System – From the most well-known and respected name in the industry, the Sunbrella® Graphics System combines Sunbrella’s excellent quality and reliability with modern technology to transfer almost any image, design, or pattern to your awning. What this means for you is that we can create an awning as big as you can dream it, as complex as you need it, and as fast as your deadlines demand. Eradication – For backlit awnings to give a wonderful lighting effect, we use an eradication process to reverse mask areas of the awning where you’d like graphics, then apply eradication fluid to remove colors from those areas. This allows light to penetrate through the material and provide illumination of the awning in the pattern or design you request without creating ‘cold spots’. The result? A beautiful display that really lets your business “shine through!” Pressure Sensitive Graphics – This process is used on many vinyl materials and is the easiest to apply. With pressure sensitive graphics, we cut durable cast vinyls on a plotter, after creating the artwork on the computer. After some preparation of the awning material and cut vinyl, the lettering/graphics are applied to the awning in a one-step procedure, creating incredibly sharp, crisp graphics. These methods are extremely durable and add to your company’s image and visibility while looking very professional.


Screen Rooms – Glass Rooms

6dd47e7b8ae1cd6b10df5d3581985b9cOur Screen and glass rooms allow you to bring the best of the outisde in.  Enjoy the outdoors without the bother of insects and protect your patio furniture from the elements, or add a three season room.  To create the best screen or glass room for you, our employees will install products manufactured by three leading glass and screen room companies. Adding a screened or glass room to your building can be a major decision, and with so many options available to you, we recommend contacting us to discuss what you’re thinking about doing. We can work with you to hone in on what room would work best for you and discuss options for having it installed.

School Awnings

33dc9bc687c33bc0a409e362577671c4Schools and educational canopies and awnings can add to a school’s ability to provide an environment that enhances areas for learning and/or recreation and provide protection from UV rays, sun, snow and rain. The versatility and durability of canopies can save schools a good deal of money. In recent years, rapid student population growth in many areas has required adding portable classrooms. Using awnings and canopies over walkways to these portable structures is a cost-effective way to protect students from the elements. Recreation area canopies and awnings also are ideal in recreation areas such as parks, school playground areas, pool side, golf courses, tennis centers, ballparks, water parks, theme parks and zoos. Roberts Awning has a variety of awning and canopy products that will provide you with areas of shade and coverage in virtually any location.